Caring for your new worktops

The granite you have selected for your kitchen is millions of years old but can be kept looking as spectacular as the day it was installed by following a few simple rules:

  • Deal with any spills quickly.

  • Use hot water only or a recommended cleaner such as Rejuvenata which can be purchased from our Bath showroom.

  • Use a chopping board, as although granite is scratch resistant, it is not scratch proof and cutting directly onto the surface is not recommended.

  • Do not use abrasive cleaners on your granite as this may damage the surface.

  • Although granite is fairly resistant to heat, we would recommend that a trivet is used where possible as it is impossible to predict if a thermal fracture will occur if the granite temperature fluctuates.

  • Granite is a strong, heavy material but it is brittle and dropping heavy items onto it, especially on the edges or around the sink, could result in a chip.

  • Acid such as lemon juice, red wine or curry sauce should not be left on your worktops for any length of time as it may result in the polish being attacked and you will be left with a dull area.  We are unable to re-polish the face of your worktop, so this may leave a permanent mark.

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